Does Shein charge handling fees?

Shein, a global fashion retailer, has become synonymous with trendy clothing at affordable prices. However, an aspect that often intrigues customers is the handling fees charged by Shein. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into what these fees are, why they are levied, how to avoid them, and other related concerns.

What is Shein’s Handling Fee?

Shein imposes a handling fee on orders exceeding certain amounts – €180 or £160. This fee is primarily an administrative cost, justified by Shein as necessary due to the “increased costs of warehouse processing”​​. These fees are applied to larger orders that require more processing work, and once an order is shipped, this fee cannot be recovered, even if part of the order is returned​​.

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Is the Handling Fee Related to Customs?

Contrary to some beliefs, the handling fee charged by Shein is not directly related to customs fees. While European regulations allow for customs to be paid in advance on the website for orders up to €150, handling fees are separate and not intended to cover customs costs​​.

Does Shein charge handling fees?

How to Avoid Paying the Shein Handling Fee?

Avoiding the handling fee on Shein orders requires a strategic approach to how you place your orders. Shein, known for its fashionable and affordable clothing, applies a handling fee to orders that exceed a certain value threshold.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to avoid these fees:

Understanding Shein’s Handling Fee Threshold

Fee Application: Shein charges a handling fee for orders that are more than €180 or £160. This fee is primarily due to the increased operational costs associated with processing larger orders​​.

Strategies to Avoid the Handling Fee

1. Split Your Orders

  • Divide Large Orders: The most straightforward way to avoid the handling fee is by splitting your purchase into multiple smaller orders. Ensure that each order stays below the €180 or £160 threshold.
  • Example: If your total purchase amounts to €200, consider dividing it into two separate orders of €100 each.

2. Utilize Free Shipping Offers

  • Combine With Free Shipping: Shein often offers free shipping on orders above a certain amount, which is usually well below the handling fee threshold. By splitting your orders and still qualifying for free shipping, you can save on both shipping and handling fees.

3. Maximize Discounts and Points

  • Apply Coupons and Discounts: Shein provides various discounts and promotional offers. Apply these to reduce the total cost of your basket.
  • Use Shein Points: Accumulate and use Shein points for additional discounts. Each point typically translates into a monetary discount, which can be used to lower the total order value.

4. Pre-plan Your Purchases

  • Plan Ahead: Instead of making one large purchase, plan your shopping over a period. This approach not only helps in avoiding the handling fee but also allows for better budget management.

5. Gift Cards and Vouchers

  • Gift Cards as Payment: Purchase Shein gift cards in advance and use them to pay for your orders. This can help in managing your spending and keeping individual orders below the handling fee threshold.

6. Regularly Check for Updates

  • Stay Informed: Shein’s policies, including fees and offers, may change. Regularly check their website for the latest information and adapt your shopping strategy accordingly.

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Are There Custom Charges on Shein?

When it comes to ordering from Shein, especially for international customers, the topic of customs charges is a common concern. Here’s what you need to know:

Understanding Customs Charges

  • Customs Duty: Customs charges, or duties, are fees imposed by a country on imported goods. These charges are determined by the importing country’s customs authority and vary depending on the type and value of the goods.
  • Varies by Country: The application of customs charges on Shein orders varies depending on the destination country’s customs policies and the value of the order.

Shein’s Policy on Customs

  • Advance Payment Option: In some regions, like the European Union, customers can opt to pay customs fees in advance through Shein’s website for orders up to a certain value (e.g., €150)​​.
  • Responsibility for Charges: For orders exceeding the value where customs can be prepaid on the website, customers might be required to pay customs fees upon arrival of the package in the destination country.

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Who Pays the Handling Fee?

The handling fee in the context of Shein orders is an additional charge applied to certain orders based on specific criteria. Here’s how it works:

Criteria for Handling Fee

  • Order Value Threshold: Shein applies a handling fee to orders exceeding €180 or £160. This fee is attributed to the increased operational costs incurred for processing larger orders​​.

Responsibility for the Fee

  • Paid by the Customer: The handling fee is the responsibility of the customer. It is added to the total cost of the order at checkout when the specified value threshold is exceeded.
  • Non-Refundable Once Charged: Once an order with a handling fee is processed and shipped, this fee is non-refundable, even if parts of the order are returned​​.

Avoiding the Fee

  • Splitting Orders: Customers can avoid the handling fee by splitting their orders into smaller amounts that do not exceed the threshold.

Transparency in Charging

  • Clear Communication: Shein clearly communicates the handling fee at the checkout page, allowing customers to make informed decisions about their purchases and how they wish to proceed with their order.

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Why Splitting Orders is Beneficial

  • Avoid Additional Fees: Keeping orders under the threshold avoids the handling fee.
  • Faster Customs Clearance: Smaller packages are less likely to be held up at customs, potentially speeding up delivery.
  • Flexibility in Shopping: Smaller, more frequent orders allow you to adjust your purchases based on changing trends and needs.

Cancellation and Fee Recovery

If you change your mind about an order, it’s possible to cancel it before processing and recover the fee. However, once the order is processed, cancellation isn’t an option, and hence, the processing fee cannot be recovered. This applies even if the entire order is returned​​.

Tips to Save More Money on Shein

Shein offers various discounts and promotional offers that can help reduce the total cost of your order. Applying these discounts, using points for extra savings, or utilizing gift cards purchased in advance can help keep your order total below the handling fee threshold​​.

Evaluating the Worth of Paying the Handling Fee

While it might seem simpler to pay the handling fee for the convenience of a single large order, it’s generally advisable to split orders. This approach not only saves the handling fee but also reduces the risk of customs delays for large packages, ensuring faster delivery​​.


What triggers Shein’s handling fee?

Shein’s handling fee is applied to orders exceeding €180 or £160, mainly due to the increased processing required for larger orders​​.

Can I get a refund on Shein’s handling fee?

The handling fee is non-refundable once the order is processed or partially returned​​.

How can I reduce my total order cost on Shein?

Utilize Shein’s discounts, apply points, or use pre-purchased gift cards to keep your order under the threshold for handling fees​​.

Is it better to pay the handling fee or split the order on Shein?

It’s generally recommended to split your order into smaller ones to avoid the handling fee and potential customs delays​​.

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In conclusion, understanding Shein’s handling fee structure is crucial for a cost-effective shopping experience. By strategically planning your purchases and utilizing the various discounts and offers provided by Shein, you can avoid additional fees and make the most out of your shopping budget.

Remember, informed choices lead to better shopping experiences!

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