How to Contact Shein Customer Service?

Shein is a popular online fashion retailer known for its extensive range of clothing and accessories. Understanding how to reach their customer service efficiently is crucial for inquiries, order issues, or any other concerns. Here’s a detailed guide on contacting Shein’s customer service through phone, email, and chat.

How to Contact Shein Customer Service?

1. Contacting Shein Customer Service by Phone

  • Phone Number: Shein may have specific phone numbers for different regions. It’s important to find the correct number for your location. This can usually be found on their website under the ‘Contact Us‘ or ‘Customer Service’ sections.
  • Call Timings: Pay attention to the operating hours, which may vary based on the region. Most customer service centers have specific hours during which they accept calls, often aligning with standard business hours in the respective time zone.
  • Before Calling: Before you call, ensure you have all relevant information handy, such as your order number, the email used for your Shein account, and any specific details about your query or issue. This will help expedite the process.
  • Language Options: Check if Shein offers customer service in your preferred language. Larger companies often provide multilingual support.

2. Contacting Shein Customer Service by Email

  • Email Address: Locate the official customer service email address of Shein from their website. Be cautious of unofficial or fraudulent email addresses.
  • Compose Your Email: Clearly state your issue or question in the subject line. In the email body, provide detailed information about your concern, including order numbers, product details, and any previous correspondence related to the issue.
  • Attachments: If relevant, attach images or documents that can help clarify your issue (e.g., screenshots of the problem, photographs of a damaged item).
  • Response Time: Be aware of the potential response time, which can vary. Shein’s customer service might take a few days to respond, depending on the volume of inquiries they are handling.

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3. Contacting Shein Customer Service via Chat

  • Accessing Chat Feature: Shein’s website and mobile app typically feature a chat option. Look for a chat icon or a “Help” button.
  • Availability: Check the availability hours for the chat service. Some services are 24/7, while others may have specific operating hours.
  • Chatbots vs. Human Support: Initially, you may be connected to a chatbot that can handle common queries. If your issue is more complex, request to speak to a human representative.
  • Details to Provide: As with phone and email, have your order details and specific queries ready to expedite the chat process.
  • Chat Transcript: After the chat, you may have the option to receive a transcript of the conversation. This can be useful for future reference, especially if you’ve been given instructions or solutions to follow.

Tips for Effective Communication

  • Be Clear and Concise: Clearly describe your issue or query. Providing concise and relevant information can lead to faster resolution.
  • Patience is Key: Customer service departments often handle a high volume of inquiries, so patience is important.
  • Record Keeping: Keep records of all communications with customer service, including emails, chat transcripts, and details of phone calls.


Reaching Shein’s customer service can be done through various channels, each with its process and considerations. Whether choosing phone, email, or chat, being prepared with your order details and queries, and understanding the protocol for each communication method will facilitate a smoother and more effective interaction with their customer service team.

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